The Saxon federation for arts education and cultural learning

Based in Leipzig, the Saxon federation for arts education and cultural learning (LKJ Sachsen e.V.) is the umbrella organisation and lobbyist for cultural childhood and youth education in Saxony. We represent youth, childhood and educational political issues and advocate for cultural education and activities for children and young people. Members of the LKJ Sachsen e.V. are currently 16 professional associations of cultural education for children and adolescents in the fields of theatre, music, dance, arts and media.

With cultural education projects, training courses for skilled personnel, international youth exchanges as well as youth volunteering programmes, the LKJ facilitates cultural participation and independent artistic activity. 

For 24 years, the LKJ Sachsen e.V. initiates and organises international youth exchanges with countries from Eastern and Western Europe. Also we promote the exchange of qualified people by means of international training courses and symposia. 

The LKJ is the organiser of the annual Saxon competition for the children’s and young people’s art award. Every year the competition allows about 300 young people from Saxony to artictically express their opinions, beliefs and wishes.

As the responsible organisation for the youth voluntary work programme “Voluntary Social Year - Culture” and “Federal Volunteers Service - Culture and Education” as well as “Federal Voluntary Service - Refugee and Asylum” we support around 140 young people in youth, cultural and educational facilities in Saxony.


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For information about our youth exchange programmes please contact
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